Mahesh Babu Reacts On 500,1000 Notes Ban

The boldest movements of banning 500 and 1000 notes by the Government of India has gotten blended responses till now. The greater part of industry and ordinary people alike responded to this choice with overpowering backing, though a few segments are of the feeling that it is an extreme plan making hardships individuals.

Mahesh Babu Reacts On Notes Ban

Big names of different film businesses have respected Modi's choice and hotshot Mahesh Babu called it a victory. 'A reviving change for our economy and nation! Triumph from the man of the general population by the general population for the general population! Salute you Narendra Modi sir!' posted Mahesh Babu on his Twitter page. Star saints high compensations is one of prime explanations behind makers and merchants loosing substantial sums. In Hollywood there is an arrangement of film performing artists taking their compensation as checks and few top stars get share from benefits of their movies.

In Tollywood as well, couple of performers are taking offer of a specific territory as their compensation which is an appreciated determination favors makers. It might be said here that, Mahesh Babu repaid share of his compensation, when merchants brought about substantial misfortunes with his last film Brahmotsavam failing at film industry. Really, the main impetus behind this verifiable choice was to kill dark cash. A late study had pegged India's underground market economy at over Rs 30 lakh crore or around 20 percent of aggregate GDP. This is considerably greater than the GDP of nations like Thailand and Argentina.

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