RGV Vangaveeti Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma new movie "Vangaveeti"  Telugu Movie Theatrical Trailer.


Producer Ram Gopal Varma touched base at Vijaywada on Friday (February 26) in the midst of tight security to start chip away at his last Telugu motion picture "Vangaveeti", which has started a line.

RGV, as he is prevalently known, said he would remain in the city for three days and converse with Vangaveeti and Devineni families. The narrative of the film will be founded on the quarrel between these two families.

Police had made tight security courses of action at Gannavaram air terminal in perspective of dangers to the producer against making the film.

"You ask them," the movie producer told columnists when inquired as to whether cops who met him at the air terminal exhorted him to about-face.

An expansive number of fans including supporters of Vangaveeti family had assembled outside the air terminal to welcome him.

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