Journey 2 Telugu Movie Review

Journey 2 Telugu Movie Review

Rating : 1.75/5 
Director : S Narayan
Producer : Bhagyavathi Narayan
Music Director :S Narayan
Starring : Ganesh, Manjari Phadnis

Pavitra(Manjari) is a young lady from Hyderabad who has the propensity for jotting intriguing good values behind transports. One fine day, she composes something intriguing behind a transport which has a place with Vijayawada.

Manu(Ganesh) who has a place with similar town peruses these wordings and gets powerful awed. He too answers her back in similar form. Similar method proceeds for some time as both Pavitra and Manu become hopelessly enamored by expounding on each other on the transports.

As time cruises by, they choose to meet each other and get a meeting point. At the point when each of them begins their particular journey's, an untoward episode happens and make things go topsy turvy. Rest of the story is regarding how they take care of their issues and meet each other at last. 

Plus Points:
Manjari is one of the greatest highlights of Journey 2. Right from the main casing, she gives a not too bad execution. Manjari's execution in the second half and pre-peak needs an uncommon say.

The story line of the film is somewhat intriguing. The contention purpose of not seeing each other and experiencing passionate feelings for has been managed well in the underlying part of the film. The message that is showcased about affection and its esteem have been hoisted well.

Minus Points:
In specific scenes, the way the words are composed on the transport and the principle characters falling for that investigate the top. Despite the fact that it is begun well, things haywire after a point.

The procedures are entirely dull after the initial couple of minutes and melodies intrude on the stream of the film no doubt. The portrayal goes for a hurl amid the second half as imperative scenes have not been managed well.

However another greatest disadvantage is saint's part which is exceptionally hazy. His character needs legitimate legitimization and the chief aggravates it even with his logicless portrayal.

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